Waste to Diesel

MMTech Waste to Diesel

Waste to Diesel

Containerized Waste to Diesel Plant

Our plant utilizes waste macromolecular material to convert biomass and plastic waste into renewable fuel. The equipment consists of 5 parts:

Auto feeder
Catalytic cracking & pyrolysis unit
Heat exchange & cooling unit
Fractional distillation unit
Heating devices & electric control unit

The unit can be shipped in either a single 40 foot container or it can be split into two 20 foot containers weighing a total of 18 tons.

 The unit can process 125 kg/h or 3000 kg per day. 

 If we process 125 kg/h, or 3000 kg per day. Diesel production per day will be lowest 1.75 tons up to 2.00 tons of diesel fuel per day.

 If we run a production year of 360 days = 1.75x360 = 630t/year of clean road going diesel. Density of diesel fuel =08.kg/l. Therefore 630 tons/0.8 = 787,500 litres of diesel per production year.
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waste plant
waste plant
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