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Service and Installation from MMTech 

We have a broad range of experience in installing generators ranging from 30kVa – 2500kVa. We install generators across  the globe.

We offer all electrical and mechanical works required and once installed and commissioned, we will supply end user training to ensure the customer can operate the generator controls once commissioned. We can manage the whole process!

We will work closely with the customer, from start to finish, ensuring the generator is installed and commissioned safely, on time and with minimal disruption to your business.

Our engineers have a large amount of experience and qualifications to complete any generator installation.

Generator service and maintenance work is essential for any type of generator. We recommend that generators and UPS systems are serviced at least twice a year, to ensure the customer’s disaster recovery plan is fit for purpose and that if needed, the standby generator and UPS system can withstand the customer’s power requirements when a failure occurs.

Our engineers will visit site and undertake an inspection as part of the recommended service plan. After each generator service we will provide the customer with a service report, which will state the work carried out and whether any potential faults were identified during the service.

We are also able to offer service contracts to cover the ongoing maintenance of your back up system including load testing and a report of suggested proactive maintenance measures. Our experience in all aspects of generator maintenance allows us to tailor our service contracts to meet our clients requirements, be it for a series of large commercial generators across multiple sites or just a single domestic generator.

If requested, we will carry out maintenance work and generator repairs required to ensure the generator and UPS system pass the necessary health and safety regulations and are fit for purpose when needed for an emergency.

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Generator installation and commissioning is our specialism and from an initial site survey we can arrange delivery, off load and position, special lifting and crane lifting services, to installing and commissioning of the generator, fuel system and auxiliary equipment.
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