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All Pia rooftop systems are designed to meet the loading specifications of the building. All solutions, other than IBR, are clamped on or ballasted, ensuring that the original integrity of the roof is not interfered with.

PiA has a standard range of hardware for most common roofing systems, but will however tailormake the design of your rooftop system to suit your project requirements.

Standard solutions are available for:

Roof Tiled : Clip-on bracket
Clip-lock : Clamp-on bracket
Flat Roof Concrete : Self ballast or screwed
Inverted Box Rib (IBR) : Self ballast or screw-on bracket
Whether installing a PiA or a client issued mounting system, PiA’s project teams are fully equipped, experienced, skilled and resourced to handle projects of any size or complexity. PiA has extensive installation experience in all key project areas including:

Foundations - Concreted, Rammed or Screwed
Structures – Fixed Tilt or Tracking
Modules – Crystalline or Thin Film
PiA understands that a successful, on-schedule project would not be possible without employing critical construction management principles on every project. PiA’s expertise includes:

SHEQ Management
Process & Project Planning (it is essential that every installation is broken down into simple operations for each employee to carry out repetitively)
Project & Site Management
On-Site Receiving & Logistics
Understanding of Local Labour and Related Labour Legislation
Compliance with ED Criteria
Advanced Understanding of PV Mounting Systems
Who we are
EDMI is one of the leading Smart Energy Solutions providers in the world. We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems for the global utility industry . 

Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of premium quality metering products, advanced infrastructure and energy management systems.
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Our mission is to help save the planet. We cannot continue to pollute and destroy our blue world and hand over a destroyed system to our children. 

As the image suggests we at HBC Group (PTY) Ltd. focus our attentions on plugging into the most powerful resource available, we do however use wind and Hydro power sources as well.The planet is running out of time.
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