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The EDMI range of innovative products
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management systems.

With over 30 years industry experience,
we ensure all of our products are
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The entire EDMI product range is
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The EDMI Atlas platform forms the core
of each of the products in the EDMI
smart metering system. Designed
around a low power, yet powerful and
flexible metering engine, all of the
products share the same robust logging
and communications functionality.

Atlas Series — Class 1 and Class 2

Mk10A Electronic Revenue Meter


The Crux of the matter is When and Where
Occupants of buildings commonly consider they have very little or virtually no control over the functioning of their building. Still, there are many ways to become familiar with their energy use and take measures to minimize consumption. 

One particular obstacle is a lack of understanding exactly where energy is used and when. Here, smart metering provides insightful data that can result in simple changes and substantial energy savings. For example, heating, ventilation and lighting of unoccupied locations are often rather common.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency
The key to controlling energy is the use of Smart Meters
In the past, administrators were required to get by with only monthly electricity bill data to evaluate building energy efficiency and also to review historical trends of a building's energy consumption. 

Smart meter data analysis now offers administrators a fantastic opportunity to get an insight into the functioning of their buildings on a consistent and affordable basis. Correctly used, the data will ensure that not only are their financial investments employed in the appropriate places but that their investments would be preserved. 

Pendulum Energy introduces two unique resources for simplifying measures to curb energy waste.
(Free to Smart Meter customers)

1. Unique Software for analysing Smart Meter Data
Our software was created to demonstrate clearly how and when you use your electricity. It transforms intricate, smart meter data into convenient Excel charts and tables. You can use them to recognize visually:

 When and where you are wasting electricity
 Just how much energy is actually lost
 Improvements made in minimizing electricity use
 That improvements are sustained

Visually evaluating your smart meter data allows you to determine the place to start your energy-saving initiatives, where you should go next, and ways to keep track of sustained improvement. It generates the fundamental strategy of all dedicated energy-saving efforts.
Theoretically this could be an easy procedure but doing the analysis manually has a tendency to get complicated, plus the tiresome data manipulation uses up valuable time.
The additional benefit received by making use of our software saves time on a regular basis, time that might be better spent doing things a computer cannot do. It increases productivity, lowers operating expenses, and provides complete assessments.

2. Comprehensive Manual
Managing Your Electricity Costs is a well researched and comprehensive manual, which describes the Five Strategies for controlling electricity costs. They form a comprehensive plan of action designed to achieve a long-term and overall aim to attain an advantage for the organisation through its arrangement of resources within a challenging environment.

The Five Strategies (described in full in the manual)

1. Understand how you are billed
Before you do anything else, make sure you can read your electricity bill and truly understand every item that appears on it.

2. Know where you stand today
Cost-saving opportunities will become clear when you can clearly see how you are using electricity. In other words, how much you are using when.

3. Invest in an Energy Management Plan
Setting goals for more efficient usage can significantly reduce your costs.

4. Control your Electricity
Making changes to your operations or equipment can yield significant savings. Not all energy-saving ideas require capital investments.

5. Engage staff in Energy Saving
While business owners must lead the way in energy efficiency, cutting down on wastage is a team effort that involves all members of staff.
Managing Your Electricity Costs explains in practical terms how your company can use smart meter data to uncover Energy Efficiency that would significantly reduce your electricity costs. Find out how to trace wastage and reduce your electricity consumption by keeping abreast of modern techniques with the following studies.

• Saving energy is simple when you can easily see just how you are using it
• The what, why, and how of Energy Management
• How to use Smart Meter Profiles to track down Energy Waste
• Smart Meter Data Analysis
• Smart Meter Data - Energy Information that is loaded with critical information
• Principles for regular performance monitoring that actually works
• Build a better understanding for your Energy Awareness Campaign among your people
• Energy Monitoring Charts and Tables Created by Pendulum Software
• Evaluating Building Performance, using smart meter data
• The big Culprits

Included in the manual are case studies of businesses that have implemented the “Five Strategies”

Furthermore, our blog articles regularly run case studies to refresh your sense of novelty and come up with new ideas to cut down on wastage. Great ideas will not happen in a vacuum. Knowing what happened to business colleagues, will get your brain to think in new and creative ways. Remember the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.

As soon as excessive or unnecessary energy usage is discovered, it can be minimized through a more disciplined approach by the occupants of the building. Nonetheless, it is deemed an area necessitating an overall change in the mindset of most company executives.
Anyone who does not have an Energy Efficiency Program is fiscally irresponsible.

All industries can benefit from an energy policy. A fine track record plays a big role in your competitive advantage by making your company more appealing to clients, individuals, existing and prospective staff members, financial institutions and business associates.
In a nutshell, there is no reason for not having the ability to save electricity, provided there is the understanding of what is at stake, the will to do something worthwhile about it and the technology to make it work.

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